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Aaron Davis is a professional speaker, coach, trainer and attitude expert. His personal experience taught him the importance of a Champion Attitude and his life since has ingrained the value of attitude and what can be learned from it.

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The Man Behind the Mission:
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Take 5 with Aaron to discover his speaking style and how he engages with his audience through meaningful conversation.

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The story and experience of Aaron Davis

my Mission

As a keynote speaker, author, businessman, former national champion football player, and cancer survivor Aaron has made it his mission to help others change their lives by changing their attitudes!

Over the last 20 years, more than a million people have experienced the power of Aaron Davis's presentations. The "Expert on Attitude," Aaron delivers keynotes, workshops, and group sessions that teach and encourage others about the positive impact they can have in their work and personal life. His contagious presentation style, coupled with actionable advice, emotional insights, and tangible takeaways, make Aaron one of the most sought-after speakers in the United States.

He's helped countless individuals and organizations improve their bottom line by improving their attitudes, and he can help yours too!

Aaron was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and from the age of 8 he was helping his Dad work in the evenings as a janitor in two of the town’s most prominent businesses. Through mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and emptying out hundreds of trashcans nightly, Aaron learned that it’s not WHAT you do rather it’s HOW you do it! It's this personal mantra that has elevated Aaron's life, and that's why he's passionate about teaching his clients how to commit to the same mindset.

Through this experience, Aaron learned the importance of having a Champion Attitude no matter what your role or title is. As a professional speaker, coach, and trainer, Aaron doesn’t believe in just making audiences “feel” better. Rather, he seeks to encourage and help them “do” better, both professionally and personally, by stressing the importance of an Attitude Over Everything mindset.

my Mission
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Aaron has had the opportunity to speak to over 1 million people through his keynote presentations and coaching sessions.

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Using relatable experience to demonstrate Attitude Over Everything

Aaron knows how to speak to his audience in a way they can relate with and understand. From many lessons learned in his own life, including his upbringing, his time spent as a Husker teammate or his recent experience having beat cancer, Aaron knows how to connect with people. His experiences and his stories for how he handled each of them helps his audience understand that your attitude toward your life matters in a profound way. As an Attitude Expert, Aaron is committed to inspiring each and every one of his clients to overcome their strife by giving them tools that help them change their perspective.

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