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Teaching is no easy task and your staff rises to the challenge each and every day, educating future leaders and life changers. These keynote presentations are designed specifically for educators and are designed to encourage, inspire, and motivate educators and administrators to be their best - at work and at home. 

As an expert in the area of Attitude & As a member of the 1994 National Championship football team at the University of Nebraska Aaron has “first-hand” experience of what it takes to create a culture of Engagement & more importantly how to “maintain” it!

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Attitude of a champion educator/administrator

Be Great at School, but Save Your Best for Home!

Teachers are often faced with many challenges such as teacher per student ratios, state testing, requirements to do more with less and the list goes on, but they still LOVE TO TEACH! Like any career, some stresses and challenges are part of the territory. These are big issues, but so is the number of educators and administrators that simply burn out as a result of giving their best at school and leaving only leftovers for their home and personal lives. This presentation will rejuvenate, refuel and remind listeners of the importance of being GREAT at school and saving their BEST for HOME!

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Individuals will learn to recognize early signs of burnout and ways to avoid it.
  • Individuals will be encouraged to plan their personal lives with as much detail as their lesson plans for their classes or objectives for school.
  • Individuals will be reminded of how short life really is and to regularly pause to take personal inventory.

How Champions Deal with Difficult People

Teaching is great! (Except for the students, their parents and some of my coworkers)...

Ever find yourself struggling to keep your sanity and temper when dealing with some of your students and their parents (occasionally one of your teammates/co-workers)? Have you ever found yourself ready to inflict bodily harm on someone you interact with daily, but then reason kicks in and pulls you back to reality? Difficult people just know how to bring it out of us; especially if it’s someone whom we deal with on a regular basis.

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Individuals will learn to identify the most common unwanted behaviors & how to effectively deal with them.
  • Individuals will learn tips on being persuasive & use their influence effectively.
  • Individuals will learn how to create a coping plan when difficult situations arise.


ALL championship high school athletic teams share similar traits that consistently keep them performing at a high level! Most people simply see the cutting down of the nets or the victory laps and award ceremonies that follow victorious performances. But there is way more to it! There are key forces at work within that team way before the whistle blows that give them the Champions Advantage!

Presentation Outcomes:

  • Athletes will learn the importance of that sacred room “The Locker Room” and how it plays a crucial role in long-term success!
  • Athletes will be reminded of the privilege (not right) it is to be apart of a team!
  • Athletes will learn how their “off the field” behavior is more important than the athletic performance itself.
  • Athletes will learn more about how “each” person on the team plays a crucial role in overall success!

Attitude of a champion coaches

Learn how to channel the attitude of champion coaches

I had the privilege to play college football for one of the most decorated & successful football coaches in history! Dr. Tom Osborne created a culture of excellence off the field, in the locker room & on the field of play! His attitude towards his players, assistant coaches and all within the program created a college football dynasty during his tenure.

This presentation is full of insight, tips and ideas that can help you create a Championship culture in your program as well!

FAQ About Education Keynotes with Aaron Davis: 

  • Programs that Aaron is best suited for:  Groups that are seeking a high-energy speaker that mixes humor & transparency and delivers content that attendees can apply immediately on the topic of Championship Attitudes and peak performance in Education!

  • Best Education/Administrator Audiences for Aaron: Aaron works very well in providing In-Services, Break-out Sessions and Conference Keynotes.

  • What is unique about Aaron? He was a member of the Nebraska Cornhuskers 1994 National Championship Football team. Considered by some as one of the best college teams assembled. This has afforded Aaron a unique and real perspective on what it takes to perform and succeed at a high level! He’s also a former Education Specialist with Upward bound where he worked with students, parents and school educators on a daily basis.

  • What are the results and takeaways from Aaron’s presentations? Audience members will improve in key areas both personally and professionally if they apply the content regarding attitude. Educators/Administrators report going back to their school buildings with tips and tools they could implement immediately to improve their school culture and atmosphere!


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